Alison Tam - Head Coach/ Founder

Alison rediscovered her passion for the water during a break from corporate life when a friend asked her to teach him how to swim in 2014. Since then she retrained as a Learn to Swim Teacher and Swim Coach and  set up Alison Tam Swimming and quickly established a loyal following of students of all ages from four months old to adults – her Baby & Toddler and Domestic Helper swimming classes are particularly popular. She is a part of the Fitness and Wellness team at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa and coaches her Master’s swim team at Fastlane Swimming.

Meanwhile, Alison is also a competitive master swimmer and currently holds a number of Hong Kong records for her age group in various events for backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. Recently at the World Masters Swimming Championship in 2019 she placed third in 50m backstroke and 6th in 100m backstroke in her age group; and was part of the ladies 4 x 50m freestyle relay team to have the 10th all time fastest time in the world for her age category. 

Alison holds the following qualifications:

  • Swimming Australia accredited Development Coach 

  • Hong Kong Swimming Coaches Associated Level 1 Certificate

  • AustSwim Assessor and Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

  • AustSwim Assessor and Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics

  • AustSwim Assessor and Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes


Ashley Ooi - Senior Coach

Ashley grew up in Harrow, London and is a former UK counties swimmer that specialised in 100 butterfly - one of the hardest events!

He holds the UKASA Level 1 and 2 Award in Teaching Aquatics and has taught at numerous international schools in Hong Kong. Kids love him!

Varun by the pool.jpg
Varun MP - Senior Coach

Varun grew up in Kerela, India and is a former swimmer and water polo player, specialising in 200 IM, 100 and 200 Breaststroke. 

Varun has over 12 years of teaching experience and is currently teaching at Hong Kong International School. He is an American Red Cross Professional Lifeguard and holds an American Swimming Coaches Association Level 1  qualification.

Coach Hervien.jpg
Hervien Yeung - Coach

Hervien has been a competitive swimmer since childhood. Along the way she has picked up and regularly participates in BJJ, paddling, lifting and anything else that will raise the heart rate. ​

Hervien is a qualified AustSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety.


I just want to share how happy we are to see S’s progress in swimming. In just two classes she has accomplished so much that she didn’t in a full swimming term before!


She’s feeling so confident in the water and most of all she’s so happy learning and looks forward to learn new skills.  


Thank you so much coach Ashley and Alison. You’ve done what I never imagined would happen!! 

Aarti G

I just wanted to drop a message to let you guys know we had an amazing session and I thought Coach Ashley Ooi did a wonderful job and made my daughter Ana feel so safe and happy learning. Once pools open up again, we will definitely sign up for classes again. Thank you!

Tiffany W

Dearest Coach Alison 


It such an honor to be part of your student during our swimming lesson.You made me as a swimmer. I gain confidence within the very first class i've learned how to swim properly, swim accross the pool, how to kick in right way, how to do puddles, how to hold breathe amd release while your swimming. Although it was short time but we did a lot like we've learned how to float on the water with different techniques and the amazing part for me is when you teach us how to do freestyle and as well to do back float and then flipped over and i made it! Thanks for keep reminding us to trust with the water and keep calm and relax.


Coach Alison teaching skills are amazing. She is always cheerful and encouraging. She make sure that we enjoys it too. She always listens to us and the way to communicate with us was very clear and easy to understand, she will assured that we get what her point and we "Got it"!


Looking forward to do more lesson to you coach. My Amazing  Swimming Instructor.

Thank you and God Bless!

Jennalyn G