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Open Water Swimming

Even the most accomplished pool swimmer can fear the ocean. With our open water sessions we hope to build controlled safety responses and confidence of wild swimming through an all rounded appreciation and education in a relatively controlled environment. Great for those that wish to engage in other water sports.

Guided Open Water Swims

For those that are confident swimmers can can swim at least 500m comfortably. Students will be invited to join based upon ability. Routes can start from around 1000m. Private sessions can be organised. 

Read our Guide to Prepare for your Open Water Swim here

Open Water Training.

Done within the net to gain confidence of swimming in the sea. Ideal participants are adults of intermediate level or above or at least Kids S2 level; fairly competent pool swimmers and not afraid of putting their head in the water. 

Open Water Familiarisation

Private individual or small group lessons working on individual weaknesses.

Sand and Sea Fitness Fun

Incorporating beach games and sea swimming, these fun sessions are a great way to encourage kids to be more active. Best for Kids S1 level and above.

Coach with S2 swimmers on Beach

Beach swimmers

Alison leading a Sun and Sand Fitness Fun Class

Explaining beach games

Three Girls Swimming in Sea

Sea swim practice


Advanced Adults group going beyond the shark net.

Open Water Swimmers_edited

Pool swimmers doing open water

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