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Prepare for your first swim lesson

Updated: Apr 19

Thank you for booking your first lesson with us! We understand there is always a bit of uncertainty in what to do and where you will meet your instructor. We hope this guide will make it as seamless as possible.

Class Confirmation

Once you have booked a lesson or course online, you will always receive an automated class confirmation via email.

If you don't receive one, please check your junk mail folder.

If there is no confirmation email, it is highly likely your booking hasn't gone through. First timers can check by messaging us or by creating/logging into the website to check their bookings. (How to here)

The confirmation email will state:

  • What you booked

  • Which coach is teaching

  • When the lesson takes place: Day; Date; Time

  • Location

Once booked, you are subject to our Terms & Conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure your booking is correct.

Who is your Coach?

Click here to learn about your coach!

See what your coach looks like here
See what your coach looks like here

For Baby & Tots or Kids classes, you should come to the pool side to find your coach.

For Adult courses we usually set up a WhatsApp group for easy communication.

Look out for our students wearing these swim caps

Pool Entry

  • You are responsible for any pool entry fees for the student and their party.

  • You must adhere to the policies of each location - we have no control over this.

Club/Residential Pools

  • Access to private clubs and residential pools may be restricted - please check that you have access.

  • Do message us to join the residential WhatsApp groups for easy and fast communication - this is especially useful in the event of inclement weather conditions.

Public Pools

Everyone can join!

  • Children under 3 years of age go free.

  • For adults/children it is HK$17/$8 during the week or HK$19/$9 at the weekends and can be paid by Octopus.

  • If we have booked a private lane, entrance will be free and you should use the designated "Group Entry" lane. We will communicate this situation to you - otherwise assume you should pay for your own entry.

  • Bring a HK$5 coin for the locker. The lockers require a HK$5 coin refundable deposit. In case you don't have any coins there are money changing machines by the entrance or you can ask for change at the office.

  • Flip flops. You are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes poolside. To preserve hygiene for yourself and others, please do make sure these are a clean and dedicated pair for the pool. Bring a bag to put them in!

  • Don't forget your umbrella! This is for caregivers that don't intend on getting wet. There are foot baths and strong showers that everyone must pass through to get poolside.

Basic equipment for students:

Swim Suit - during summer months we may use either the indoor or outdoor pool, therefore it would be most appropriate to use a long sleeved rash guard. Once it starts getting cooler we advise that students wear Thermal Wear .

Goggles - essential for all levels except for Baby & Toddler and Kids Beginners classes. Once the student is constantly submerging, they will need goggles. All Adult Class students should have goggles. Goggles should fit the student's face type - see this post for a guide to buying goggles.

Swim Cap - We will provide regular students with one on your first lesson (except for Baby & Toddler students) - fun fish caps for the kids; awesomely patterned caps by Kalacove for the adults. Bring them for subsequent lessons to keep your hair out of your face and provide a little protection against the pool's harsh chemicals.

Kick Board - all levels except Baby & Toddler and Kids Beginner

classes will need a kick board for their lesson.

If you decide to purchase your own, please ensure the board is an appropriate size for the student (like the one we sell). It is hard for children to use a board that is almost their body size. A smaller, firmer board is preferable.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed anything or if there is another guide you'd like us to make!

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