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Prepare your baby/toddler for submersion at home

This is a guide on how to train your baby or toddler at home to hold their breath on cue, so that they can safely submerge in water.

Swim coach about to pour water over baby's face in a safe and controlled manner

You will learn how to safely teach your infant to anticipate water going over their face and to hold their breath on cue; and to know when they are displaying signs of readiness to be submerged.

Safe submersion of baby in water after trained to hold breath

This method is easy to incorporate into baby's bath time routine. Consistent and frequent application of this method will result in very fast results.

This tried and tested method can be used to train children from birth up to 26 months of age.

Train you baby for safe submersion at home during bath time

Our guide uses an effective, gentle and child friendly method to progressively build up your child's awareness and skills.

This guide is a great supplement for parents that have recently joined our Baby & Tots classes (or classes elsewhere) and would like a reminder on how to help their child get comfortable with water over their face.

The ability to submerge is just one skill your infant can learn from early swimming lessons. When used in conjunction with the many other skills taught in our Baby & Tots , your child will become more water safe.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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