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Outstanding Lessons Arrangements

Merry Christmas everyone!

It seems the restrictions are stricter in Hong Kong now so we believe that the pools will still be closed for a few more weeks. Thus, the arrangements for outstanding lessons are as follows:

Adult Beginner and Intermediate: Scheduled lessons will resume when pools re-open. Timetable will be the same.

Kids Programme (Oct - Dec): Credits will be given for outstanding lessons. Make up class code validity dates will be extended. No refunds will be given.

Drop In Class Packages (Only for those purchased in July 2020): Expiry dates will be extended for the amount of time the pools are closed or up until 31 December 2020 you may opt for a refund with each drop in class charged at  $250 per lesson, and the difference of the package refunded to you. Transaction fees will also be charged to you.  After this date we will only offer an extension. 

Thank you to those that have supported us this year, we are grateful and really appreciate it.  Looking forward to a more stable 2021.


Till then, let’s all stay safe, fit and healthy!

Alison and team!

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