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Private Lessons

Contact us using the form in the footer for private lessons or private group lessons.


Please let us know: what you would like to work on; your available days/times; location you would like to do lessons.

We allow 2 students for private lessons. Best if they are of a similar level.

Adult Programmes

Our programme is for adults looking to:

  • Conquer their fear of the water

  • Learn basic water skills to enjoy the water

  • Learn how to swim proper strokes 

  • Improve their technique to swim more efficiently

  • Do a low impact exercise to help with rehabilitation

  • Learn water safety techniques


Our Adult programmes have been developed based on the experiences of the many adults that have approached us. 


Overcoming Fear, Learning to Swim & Improving Technique

If you are an adult that can’t swim, you are not alone! Most adults that can’t swim either had a traumatising incident when younger or did not have the chance to learn. 


For those ready to learn to swim or improve their technique, we have both private and group options. For those that need to overcome a fear, we offer private lessons. We offer favourable rates for Domestic Helpers and Full Time Students on all group classes.


On a regular basis we will offer these group courses – they should be taken in this order:

  • Basics - to learn how to float and other essential skills needed to learn proper strokes

  • Beginners - to learn front crawl and backstroke


On a less regular basis, we will offer Improver courses aimed at improving technique.


To help with rehabilitation

Swimming is a low impact form of exercise that can help with rehabilitation from all sorts of injuries. We offer private lessons to help you with this.

Water Safety Course for Caregivers

This course will increase awareness of risks at the pool, best practices when looking after children, introduce basic water rescues and help establish safe pool etiquette.


All participants should know the basics of swimming.


A risk assessment will be provided for those with private pools.


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