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Adult Courses

Our adult courses are for those looking to:

  • Conquer their fear of the water

  • Learn basic water skills to enjoy the water

  • Learn how to swim proper strokes 

  • Improve their technique to swim more efficiently


If you are an adult that can’t swim, you are not alone! 


I have developed our Adult programmes over the years based on the experiences of the many adults that have approached me. 


Aside from our Water Familiarisation Class (for those that are very fearful of the water) being a drop in class, all our other programmes are run as courses with a set number of lessons. Each course must be booked as a whole. We do not offer make up classes or refunds for classes that you are unable to attend for whatever reason.


You may need to take the same course several times before progressing to the next level – your coach will advise! 

The suggested order of taking our courses is:

Water Familiarisation - to overcome your fear of the water

Basics - to learn how to float and other essential skills needed to learn proper strokes

Beginners - to learn front crawl and backstroke

Breaststroke - to learn breaststroke

Improvers - to practice and hone your front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke technique

Butterfly - to learn butterfly

Not all courses are available all the time. Please sign up for our newsletter in the footer to be informed of new courses.

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Private Lessons

Contact us using the form in the footer for private lessons or private group lessons.


Please let us know: what you would like to work on; your available days/times; location you would like to do lessons.

We allow 2 students for private lessons. Best if they are of a similar level.

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