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We offer our swimming services at the Jewish Community Centre in Hong Kong for ​their members and Carmel School parents. Guests of JCC members may also attend lessons here on a drop in basis as the member must be with them at the club at all times.

Our Kids Programme is run Monday and Thursday. This is our current schedule but we can add classes upon demand so do get in touch!
























Scheduled Courses

Our Kids Programme is run as a set of courses to coincide with the Carmel school term time.


Registration for our scheduled courses will close approximately one week before the start of term. Those that register for our scheduled courses enjoy a guaranteed place in class for the term, lower rates per class, and the accumulation of Paddle Points to offset against future purchases. Scheduled courses are subject to our usual Terms & Conditions. 

If you fail to register for our scheduled courses, you can choose to join our Drop In Classes until the next registration period opens up. Please make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and/or our social media channels for updates (scroll to the bottom of this page).
















Drop In Classes

All Baby & Tots classes are run as Drop In Classes. 

We offer Drop In Classes on our Kids Programme where scheduled classes are not at capacity.

Book Drop In Classes here.

Our existing Terms & Conditions apply.

Children go to classes alone

This is the fastest and easiest way for the child to learn to trust their coach and subsequently to learn how to swim. When the guardian is there, the child is more likely to refuse instructions from any adult. For children not yet used to taking lessons, we respectfully ask the guardian to be out of sight.


If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please do consider joining our Tots 2 class or arrange for private lessons where you can accompany your child.

Our levels:

Children should be able to do the following as a minimum requirement to join these levels:

Beginners - Will not submerge and/or cannot hold a float

Paddlers - Can paddle at least 3 metres independently on top of the water 

Strokes 1 - Able to do 4-6 strokes getting their arms out of the water

Strokes 2 - Able to do side breathing in front crawl and swim non stop for at least 10 metres

Strokes 3 - Able to swim at least 25 metres non stop in front crawl, backstrokes and breaststroke


Junior Squad - Able to swim at least 50 metres non stop in front crawl, backstroke and breaststrok




Term Name
Term Dates
Summer 2025
Apr 28 - June 19
Spring 2025
Jan 13 - Apr 8
Winter 2024
Oct 28 - Dec 18
Autumn 2024
Aug 19 - Oct 14
Summer 2 2024
May 20 - June 20
Summer 1 2024
April 8 - May 16
Class Name
Class Duration
Kids Beginners
Taylor Szeto
Monday 4:30pm
30 mins
Kids Paddlers
Taylor Szeto
Monday 5:00pm
30 mins
Kids Strokes 2
Taylor Szeto
Monday 5:30pm
45 mins
Baby & Tots Mixed
Alison Tam
Thursday 9:00am
30 mins
Kids Beginners
Varun MP
Thursday 3:00pm
30 mins
Kids Paddlers
Varun MP
Thursday 3:30pm
30 mins
Kids Strokes 1
Varun MP
Thursday 4:00pm
45 mins
Kids Strokes 2&3
Varun MP
Thursday 4:45pm
45 mins

Available JCC classes to book

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