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AquaTots is our revolutionary online solution for parents who want to do Parent & Baby swimming lessons with their child but can't or don't want to be restricted by the times or locations of in person Parent & Baby swimming lessons.

Created by our Founder and Infant Aquatic specialist Alison Tam, this online follow-along course is designed to provide the flexibility and convenience that busy parents need. Parents simply watch the videos, then practice whenever they like, at a pool of their choice.

Our AquaTots courses allow children to progress at their own pace, ensuring a solid foundation for future swimming lessons. Whether it's mastering basic techniques or advancing to more complex skills, AquaTots empowers parents to guide their infants through each stage of the learning journey.

Similar to our in person Baby & Tots classes, AquaTots is divided into two sections: Basic (Tots 1 level) and Advanced (Tots 2 level). Master the Basics, then move on to the more advanced skills. Infants can start from 4 months of age and the advanced lessons are good for children up to 3 years of age. You can purchase the full course (Tots 1 & 2 levels); Basic (Tots 1 level) or Advanced (Tots 2 level).

We are there to provide online support to you throughout your journey. 

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