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Baby & Toddler

Our Baby & Toddler Swimming Programme guides you on how to introduce your little ones to the water. Our program teaches adults (parents or caregivers) how to safely interact with their babies in an aquatic environment, while promoting water confidence in infants. By learning how to move in the water, this program increases safety in the water. Join us for a safe, fun, and educational class that caters to infants ages 4 months to 3 years old.


Online Option

Parent life is busy, so for those that can't make it to in person classes for whatever reason or just want the flexibility to teach their child in their own time, we now have our online AquaTots course.


The full comprehensive course will guide you on how to teach basic aquatic skills, and then how to progress those skills so that your child becomes increasingly water confident and safe. The skills taught are derived from our in person Tots 1 and Tots 2 classes.

Variations of the full AquaTots course are available. Go to: 


In Person Classes at the Public Pool

There are two levels to this programme – Tots 1 and Tots 2 - and a combination level - see description below. If in doubt, book Tots 1 or Mixed Tots first and get advice from the teacher. 

As young children learn through mimicry and repetition, each level follows a four week cycle of working on a particular main skill whilst repeating other skills; so any time is a good time to join. Results will be seen through consistency.

We understand that infants can be unpredictable, so to give parents as much flexibility as possible, we offer these lessons as Drop In Classes. Book them via the Drop In Classes tab on the website or via the app.

For our regular students, we encourage you to become a member of our website or through the Fit by Wix app (use code T0TZUZ to join or search for alisontamswimming) to enjoy preferential rates by purchase of a Class Pass and to be able to to reschedule at ease at least 12 hours before class. 


Book, cancel and reschedule individual classes as you need to (within the T&Cs). 


Tots 1

​This class is perfect for babies and toddlers from 4 months upwards to join. This is a child-led water familiarisation class for those with little or no experience in the aquatic environment, those that are uncomfortable getting their face wet and those that are not yet submerging. 

Tots 2

This class is for toddlers that can submerge comfortably and on cue; and are at least 1 years old. Parents will be taught how to encourage independence in a controlled and safe way.


If your child is over 1 years old, and is not submerging on demand or has not taken these classes before, please come to the Tots 1 or Mixed Tots class first.

Mixed Tots

As this class is generally held during quieter times, we invites both Tots 1 and Tots 2 level students to join. Alternatives to suit each child will be given. Great for parents with children in different levels.


Some things to note:

  • Classes are held in the public area of the pool at Government Pools.

  • You must come to the pool side to find us - look out for other parents with babies/toddlers!

  • An adult must accompany the child in the water.

  • We advise babies to have had their 4 month immunisations before joining. 

  • Use the code "ALISONTAMSWIMMING" for a 10% discount off selected swim gear at Baby Central.

  • Read the guides below to prepare for your lesson!

  • An introduction to water for babies and toddlers.


    30 min

    265 Hong Kong dollars
  • Adult accompanied class - becoming independent for 1 - 3 year olds.


    30 min

    265 Hong Kong dollars
  • Mixed level - Tots 1 and 2 students can join this class.

    Wed, Sat

    30 min

    265 Hong Kong dollars
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