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Our Baby and Toddler Programmes are generally for children between the ages of 4 months to 2 years 10 months old. The programme aims to teach adults how to interact with children in their care in a safe manner as well as to cultivate prequisite skills needed to learn to swim. There are two levels to this programme – Tots 1 and Tots 2. If in doubt, book Tots 1 first and get advice from the teacher.


Tots 1

​This class is perfect for babies and toddlers from 4 months upwards to join. This is a child-led water familiarisation class for those with little or no experience in the aquatic environment, those that are uncomfortable getting their face wet and those that are not yet submerging. 

Tots 2

This class is for toddlers that can submerge comfortably and on cue; and are at least 1 years old. Parents will taught how to encourage independence in a controlled and safe way.

Drop In Classes

Babies and toddlers are unpredictable. That's why all our lessons are done on a drop in basis - to give you maximum flexibility. You have to book in online every week. Please set up an account so should you need to reschedule for whatever reason, you may do so yourself up to 8 hours before class.

*Unfortunately the rescheduling feature is not available for those with packages - you will need to cancel the class and then rebook. A credit will be added to your account automatically provided you have followed the cancellation policy.

Some things to note:


  • Classes are held in the public area at Kennedy Town Swimming Pool 

  • You must come to the pool side to find us - look out for other parents with babies/toddlers!

  • A adult must accompany the child in the water.

  • We advise babies to have had their 4 month immunisations before joining. 

  • Click here to  prepare for your first lesson by reading our guide

Baby & Toddler Classes

Our current scheduled classes are:

Tots 1 - Saturday 10:15 - 10:45am 


Tots 2 - Saturday 10:45  - 11:15am 

Private Lessons

Contact us using the form in the footer for private lessons or private group lessons.


We don't generally recommend private lessons for this age group unless the parent/carer has a specific need where they would like the coach's full attention.

Enquire for available times and rates.


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