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Best way to improve your swimming quickly

The best way to improve your swimming quickly is by having intensive lessons over a short period of time. It will help you or your child break through a barrier, overcome a plateau and get to the next level.

We were very happy with the results from our Kids Summer Swim Camps. The intensive lessons (4 lessons per week) helped:

  • all participants improve their water skills.

  • many participants move up a least one level. Some moved up two levels over the course of a few weeks!

  • lots of new or Beginner students settle in by becoming comfortable with the coach.

We are definitely looking to do more swim camps for Adults and Kids in the future. If you would like to improve your swimming quickly we would be happy to arrange this for you or your organisation. Please do get in touch via email or by leaving us a message in the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Improve your swimming quickly
Happy swimmers are quick learners

Intensive lessons of a short period of time have several advantages that can help individuals improve more effectively:

1. Immersion: By dedicating a concentrated amount of time to swim training, participants are fully immersed in the learning process. This immersion allows for a deeper focus and concentration on refining skills and techniques without distractions or interruptions.

2. Consistency: With multiple sessions held over a short period, participants have the opportunity to practice and reinforce their skills consistently. This regular practice helps to solidify muscle memory and enhance learning retention.

3. Rapid feedback: The condensed nature of intensive lessons allows coaches to provide immediate and frequent feedback to participants. This timely feedback enables individuals to make adjustments and corrections quickly, leading to more rapid improvement.

4. Enhanced muscle memory: Intensive lessons promote repetitive practice, which is crucial for developing muscle memory. This muscle memory helps participants internalize correct swimming techniques and movements, making them more automatic and efficient in the water.

5. Increased motivation: The focused and goal-oriented nature of intensive lessons can boost motivation levels. Participants often experience a greater sense of urgency and commitment, driving them to work harder and strive for improvement during the limited time available.

6. Overcoming plateaus: Intensive lessons can help individuals break through performance plateaus. The concentrated training provides a fresh and challenging environment that pushes participants to push beyond their comfort zones and reach new levels of performance.

7. Faster skill acquisition: With longer and more frequent training sessions, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills at an accelerated pace. This accelerated learning ensures that individuals can make significant progress within a short timeframe.

8. Confidence building: Seeing rapid improvement within a short period of time can significantly boost an individual's confidence. This increased confidence can have a positive impact on performance, allowing participants to take on more challenges and achieve even greater results.

Overall, more frequent lessons can help provide a focused and accelerated learning experience that can lead to significant improvement in a shorter period of time compared to just having lessons once a week.

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