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How to buy the right goggles

You want a pair of goggles that you don't even notice you're wearing, let's you see clearly in the water, but doesn't leak. Our guide will help you choose the right pair for you.

Assuming you have your swim suit, a fitting pair of goggles are the most important item to help on your swim journey.

As visual creatures, our comfort and confidence in the water heavily rely on our ability to see underwater. They can help you feel comfortable in the water and be able to concentrate on learning how to swim rather than being distracted by the uncomfortable burning sensation of water getting in your eyes. Goggles eliminate the discomfort and potential harm caused by chemicals in the pool or sea water; and allow us to explore the underwater world with ease.

If you or your child is constantly being distracted by your goggles, it is likely that they are ill fitting.

The Fit:

Eye Piece

The eye piece should fit comfortably around your eye area and should stay on with a little push without the strap around your head. If there is no suction due to there being a gap between your eye piece and your face, it doesn’t fit. 

Nose Bridge

The nose bridge should fit well over your nose bridge being neither too wide or narrow. Most adult goggles have an adjustable nose piece whilst children goggles tend to be fixed so as to minimise the chance of damage. 


The straps are to hold the position of the goggles in place rather than to provide a seal around the eyes. It should be neither too tight nor too loose.


If you swim outdoors a lot or in sunny places consider buying a pair with tinted lenses.

Our Selection

Below are some of the goggles we have found to be good for our students' needs. If you buy them direct from us, we will deliver it to your next swimming lesson. Full selection HERE.

Wide eye goggles
Wide eye goggles

I advise to NOT buy this type of goggles for young children. In my experience, they have always been an ill fit as the child's face is not wide enough to make it a snug fit.

*Note: for young children (under 4) we recommend introducing goggles gradually

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