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How Many Lessons Will it Take to Learn How to Swim? Factors Affecting Your Progress

Updated: Apr 4

How many lessons will it take to learn how to swim? This is a question I often get asked.

I can't give you an answer to that as there are so many factors that will affect the rate of their progress.

Factors include: age, confidence, consistency, learning style, previous experience, physical ability, quality of instruction to name a few.

I've had some adults and children be able to float and do a basic paddle within one session. And I've had some that will take months to grasp the basics.


  • The more confident and physically able, the less time it will take.

  • The more anxious, the more time it will take.

  • The more exposure to the water (not including lesson time), the more confident you will be.

  • The more regular and consistent you attend lessons, the less time it will take.

  • The more mature you are, the faster you will learn.

  • For adults, there is often a mental aspect that needs to be overcome as well.

Another thing, is how you define "being able to swim", this may be at odds with your swimming instructor! Please feel free to ask us for feedback on your progress at any time.

Learning to swim is a gradual process! The main thing is that you are consistent with your practice.

Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions!

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