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AquaTots Advanced (Tots 2 Level)

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AquaTots Advanced - Alison Tam Swimming's Online Baby & Tots Programme - Tots 2 Level. Course Structure: The AquaTots course is divided into two parts: Basic and Advanced skills. The Basic skills serve as the foundation for water safety and confidence-building, while the Advanced skills help children progress towards performing the skills independently and prepare them to learn proper swimming. This course is the Advanced level only. ​ Basic Skills​ Basic Holds: Grasp the techniques to hold your child securely. Water Sensory Activities: Make your child comfortable with water through sensory play. Cup Pouring Method: A fun activity to familiarize with water. Assisted Back Float: Lay the foundation for independent floating. Assisted Kicks: Introduce movement in the water. Basic Grips: Safety techniques every parent should know. Basic Jumps: Turn it into a game and see the excitement! Advanced Skills​ Grip Strength Progressions: Holding on for safety. Back Float Progressions: Master the art of floating without assistance. Kick Progressions: Refine and enhance your kicking techniques. Introduce Paddling: Learn the basics of propelling yourself in water. Breath Control and Submersion Progressions: Hold your breath on cue and submerge safely. Front Float Progression: Perfect your front float for better water balance. Diving Progressions: Learn to control your buoyancy. Turn Arounds: Learn to change directions in the water. Jump Progressions: Jump into advanced techniques and styles.

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