Joining our Programmes

Scheduled, Drop In or Private

Our swimming programmes include scheduled courses, public drop in classes and private lessons for beginners to those wanting to improve technique and fitness.

  • Scheduled courses have set start and finish dates with a certain number lessons each week. The full course must be booked - you cannot book individual lessons. Usually these are Adult learn to swim courses.

  • Drop in classes run on a regular basis and are open for everyone to book. Each lesson is booked individually and you can book as many or as few lessons per week. Our Baby & Toddlers, Kids, Adult Intermediate and Advanced are done on a drop in basis.

  • Private lessons must be pre-arranged.

Drop In Classes

You are encouraged to book the same class each week so that our coaches can track your child's progress and build a rapour with your child. Our Baby & Toddler and Kids classes follow 4 - 6 week cycles of working on particular skills to ensure consistency and continuity between classes should you need to take the same level class at a different time.

Read about our programmes and levels here.

Classes open for booking 21 days in advance.

If you receive notice that your child has been promoted to the next level you can easily cancel the lower level classes and book into the higher level. (See below).

Book with Ease

Book, cancel or reschedule with ease by following these steps:

  1. Create an account on our website or through the Fit by Wix app (use code T0TZUZ to join or search for alisontamswimming).

2. Purchase a price plan (for Drop In and Private lessons only / pay direct for scheduled courses) - purchase a single lesson, pack of five or pack of 10. If a class is cancelled or you need to cancel, your credit will automatically go back to your account so you can use it for another class.

Our combined Kids / Babies packages allow you to easily share one package between siblings. You can see how many credits you have left under My Subscriptions in your account.

3. Book Classes via the Swim Calendar page or the Book Classes page. On the app you can just press the book button in the Upcoming Sessions section. Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email - do check your junk mail - if you haven't received one, it means you haven't booked into the class. You will also see your booked class under My Bookings in your account.

4. Reschedule or cancel with ease. You will see the options under My Bookings in your account providing it is within 24 hours of the class starting.


  • Please do fill out your profile in full - use the student's name (parents can add their names in another section) - with your email and phone number in case we need to contact you urgently.

  • Private sessions must be pre-arranged via email - do not book these!

Hope this helps!

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